State of the Art Technology


  • Simulators are powered by FlightScope X3 launch monitors that deliver accurate ball and club data.
  • Ball Data includes the Launch Angle, MPH, RPM, L/R Spin, Height, Decent Angle, Carry, Total Distance & more.
  • Club Data includes Club Path, MPH, Smash, Angle of Attack, Vertical & Horizontal Swing Plane & more.
  • This Data will help you to focus on what is needed to improve your swing. 



  • High Speed Cameras provide powerful video feedback to help improve your swing.
  • ​Video of your swing will help you learn to FEEL what you are doing.
  • Learning to Feel what you are doing will help to build a repeatable swing.
  • Seeing is believing, video combined with club and ball data will help you improve your swing more efficiently.